Music Video for ‘In Your Arms’ by Spencer Sarson

The Tipsy Gypsies – In Your Arms [Official Music Video] from Spencer Sarson on Vimeo.


It was a long, dark and magical evening.

Spencer Sarson had contacted us with interest in doing a music video. We were right at the tail end of recording sessions for Little Victories and were gearing up to do some guerrilla recording sessions for our ballad ‘In Your Arms’ in a parking garage in San Luis Obispo – we just loved the reverb sound in there. I didn’t know Spencer very well and didn’t know exactly what to expect.
So we picked a date and time. We were going to setup in the parking garage on a weeknight around 10pm to avoid as much outside noise as possible.

We arrived and to our surprise he had a four person crew with big awesome lights and multiple cameras getting prepared ahead of time!

We ended staying up until 5am to get all the right shots and audio. To say it was a memorable evening would be an egregious understatement!

Spencer Sarson
Adam Houghton
Willie Wenzlau
Dominic Crowley

Special Thanks to Dylan Johnson for the loan of the upright bass, and to Sharaya Olmeda and Christopher Petro for hanging out all night



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